Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Pelican Painting, "Big Bird", 6x8 oil SOLD

Not the Big Bird you were expecting?


Living in Florida, I am expected to have a selection of pelican paintings at all times. This guy is not actually a Florida pelican, but lives in California.  He looks just like our guys though.  One of my Etsy buddies, Retagene, sent me her image and gave me permission to use it.

How do I know it's a guy?  It's that yellow on his head that gives him away.  When you see a pelican with a yellow head, you know he is looking for a girl friend.   Hmmmm, it would be nice if humans had such an obvious sign too.....might have helped me out back in the day!

Have a great week and thank you for viewing Carol Schiff Studio.

"Green Apple and Daffodils" by Lynda Cookson

Here's a fun painting created fairly quickly for a demo a few years ago. It always represents a bit of fun for me ... plus the anticipation of biting into that apple!

"Green Apple and Daffodils"
Lynda Cookson, France

By the way, if you're an art teacher in the UK, Ireland or France, you might like to join me here:
NEW for the UK and Ireland
 NEW for France

Solace, by New York artist, Celeste Plowden

Peaceful blues! Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas, sides painted to conform to artwork, UV varnish, wired and ready to hang. Available at Saatchi Art

Original Palette Knife Flower Painting "Coming of Spring"by Colorado Impressionist Judith Babcock

Original Palette Knife Abstract Sunflower Iris Poppy Painting

8"x10"x7.8" Gallery Wrapped Canvas/Available


Click HERE to purchase.


  Judith Babcock Fine Art Gallery
  Boarding House studio Galleries
   220 East 7th Ave, Studio #2
   Denver, Co 80203
   By Appointment: lododuo@aol.com

Faithful Blues, New Contemporary Landscape Painting by Sheri Jones

Faithful Blues
35x45 oil on gallery wrapped canvas
This was a special commissioned painting from a couple that are strong in their faith. It was a blessing and joy to create.  
Sheri Jones Sheri@sheriart.net http://www.sheriart.net http://www.sheriart.blogspot.com

Color of Summer by Kay Wyne

Color of Summer
10" x 20" Oil on RayMar Cotton Panel
Contemporary Landscape Painting
Pushing, pulling, scraping and laying in the oils with my palette knife gives this painting an impressionistic feeling.  I started with an underpainting using a brush.  After looking at it for a couple of months on my easel, I decided I needed to take a different approach and repainted it with the knife.  I am much more satisfied with the outcome, especially with the color relationships.  The burnt orange contrasting against the violet and greens makes it pop. The colors of the landscape remind me of how a hot and dry summer day feels....therefore, the name, "Color of Summer".  I can't wait to put a frame on this panel once I varnish it.  This painting will be for sale once it dries.  Contact Kay for purchasing info.  Thanks, Kay

Monday, June 29, 2015

Bright Autumn Day, by New York artist, Celeste Plowden

8x10 acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas, sides painted to conform to artwork, wired and ready to hang, UV varnish, Available for sale at Saatchi Art

Daily Painting, Landscape, "Field of Poppies",SOLD 6x8, oil

It's always a beautiful sight to come upon a field of poppies in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

I had to pull out my palette knife and lots of creamy oils for this little piece.  Some days I just want to push around a lot of paint.

What are you painting in your studio today?

Purchase here

Hot Day Daisies

10 X 10" Oil on Linen Panel

It was 104 degrees in the shade when I knifed this painting.  I think I captured the heat!

If you want to see more of my paintings or purchase this, go to annmccann.net.

For more information, contact Ann McCann at alouisemccann@gmail.com. 

Palette Knife Equine Painting "Four to Go" by Colorado Impressionist Judith Babcock

24"x36"x1.5" Gallery Wrapped Canvas/SOLD

Commissions Welcome.


  Judith Babcock Fine Art Gallery
  Boarding House studio Galleries
   220 East 7th Ave, Studio #2
   Denver, Co 80203
   By Appointment: lododuo@aol.com

New "Blue Tangle" Textured Bluebonnet Oil Painting by Niki Gulley

"Blue Tangle"  ©2015 Niki Gulley
9" x 12"" textured mixed media on wrap around canvas

These Texas bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrush are loaded with texture, color and movement. Created with palette knife and oil paint, they practically leap of the canvas.

To see more of my palette knife contemporary landscape paintings, visit nikigulley.com.

Lost by Kay Wyne

12" x 16" Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas
Contemporary Palette Knife Painting
Floral Landscape
I named this painting "Lost" because I was totally lost in it with my palette knife.  Lost in a good way, just letting my mixing skills kick in, and allowing  the painting to happen.  The colors are harmonious because I mixed my piles of luscious oils as I worked through the canvas.  My palette was covered with greens, lavenders, greys and corals.  This landscape painting couldn't get much more abstract, as I was focused on the colors and how they looked in relationship to each other.  There is plenty of texture and paint built up on the canvas, creating more interest for the viewer.  This painting is drying at the studio.  Contact ME with any comments or questions.  Thanks for looking....Kay

Shy Plums and Pink Peonies - Nancy Medina Art Classes and Workshops

Shy Plums and Pink Peonies
by Nancy Medina
Oil on Deep Gallery Wrap Canvas

I made an executive decision to leave the banana out of my class demo in Hot Springs, Arkansas, this morning. It was a tough call, but one of the plums kept rolling behind the vase out of the spotlight and I didn't want to spook the rest of the fruit herd and cause a stampede. Read more...

The offending banana makes an appearance...

Hot Springs, Arkansas, alumni and their brilliant peonies!

"Henry" by Lynda Cookson

"Henry" has long been a favourite of mine ... possibly because he has huge attitude and extreme vibrance. I got a real kick out of painting him. He's presently in Gallery 1608 in Bushmills, Northern Ireland.

"Henry" by Lynda Cookson
Rooster with Attitude


Sunday, June 28, 2015

Archie's Ford, New Contemporary Landscape Painting by Sheri Jones

Archie's Ford
9x12 oil on canvas panel

I created this after visiting Archie's Garden Land in Ft. Worth.
This gem is planted in the garden center surrounded by a lush grouping of flowers.  This truck was owned by NE Archer, who established the family business in 1934.  
The garden center is now owned and operated by 3rd and 4th generation family members.

Stop by soon to see some of my original "garden" paintings.
Archie's Gardenland 
6700 Z. Boaz Pl
Ft. Worth, 76116

Sheri Jones Sheri@sheriart.net http://www.sheriart.net http://www.sheriart.blogspot.com

Figurative Painting, Central Park Painting, Daily Painting, Small Oil Painting, "Another Thinker", 6x8" Oil

Last year, my daughter, grandson and I spent a few days in Manhattan.  After a long, hard day of exploring, we ended up in Central Park.  Central Park is such a welcoming oasis in the middle of all the heat, noise, hustle and bustle.

purchase here
99 + shipping
 My daughter climbed up on a rock to sit and rest,  She was deep in thought when I snapped her photo.  I could not help but be reminded of another famous "thinker".

We had a great time in Manhattan, especially by grandson.  It was his first time in the BIG city!

Keeping his finger on everything........

His debut on a sports TV show (He is not at the desk....notice the guy posing behind the window!)

Spending a little time with Teddy Roosevelt.

Thanks for reading my blog today!


"Surge" by Lynda Cookson

 "Surge" capturing the essence of
energy, strength, life spirit and movement,
which is what my art is all about!



Saturday, June 27, 2015

Tropical Village, by New York artist, Celeste Plowden

8x10 acrylic on acid free canvas panel, UV varnish, available for sale at

Original oil painting Come Sail Away with Me by Karen Tarlton

~ The sea inspires me, yes..... “When I’m old and gray, I want to have a house by the sea. And paint. With a lot of wonderful chums, good music, and booze around. And a damn good kitchen to cook in.” ~ Ava Gardner
and I agree :)

Come Sail Away with Me

Daily Painting, Small Oil Painting, Blue Paintings

I like to post on facebook, as I am sure many of you do too.  I started a group called "Online Artists" to give self-representing artists another place to post their work.  Every week I "suggest" a theme for the artists to follow, although it is not mandatory by any means.  A few times, the theme has been a specific color, which I really enjoyed.  So today, I decided to post "blue" paintings for you here.

 I really had fun with this textured piece!

6x8" canvas panel

 What is it about oriental culture that is so fascinating?

Blue Lagoon
6x8" on canvas panel
 A view of the intracoastal waterway in Grant Florida.  This is close to my home.

Mountain Farm
8x10" canvas panel
A view of our neighbor's farm in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina.  One of the most beautiful scenes on earth, I have painted this farm dozens of times.

Misty Morning
12x12x1.5" canvas
 The mountains are absolutely gorgeous when the sun comes up and burns off the morning mist.

A Touch of Blue
6x8" on canvas panel
 A Florida sky.  The coastal areas are often filled with fluffy clouds as the afternoon hot air from the west collides with the cool sea breezes from the east.

Candlestick with Palm Shadows
4x12x1.5" canvas

 I love to set objects on my windowsill in front of these cool shadows from a palm tree.

Antique Bottles
8x10 canvas panel
 From my antique bottle collection.

Seascape with sunset
11x14x1.5" canvas

I had to put a seascape in here somewhere!

Well, that's it for celebrating blue today!  I hope you will join us on facebook.  Just go to your account and search for Online Artists.  We would love to have you join in the fun.

I hope you have BLUE skies today.

Thank you for reading my blog.


Rail Crossing by Janice Tingum - original oil painting

Rail Crossing
by Janice Tingum
8" x 8
 Oil on 7/8" deep cradled panel

The rural landscape often reminds me of a patchwork quilt, stitched together by country roads, tree shelterbelts, and the occasional railroad line. I like using a palette knife because of the rich texture and color it produces on the smooth panel. This original oil painting is done in an American impressionistic style and is available in my Etsy shop.

"Petaling Up 1" Original Palette Knife Abstract Sunflower Iris Poppy Painting by Colorado Impressionist Judith Babcock

Original Palette Knife Abstract Sunflower Iris Poppy Painting

12"x4"x7.8" Gallery Wrapped Canvas/Available


Click HERE to purchase.

 To view more of my work, visit http://judithbabcock.fineartstudioonline.com

Friday, June 26, 2015


Here is another of the paintings done for my 'New Year's Challenge' which I am still doing, 6 months later! Anyone who read my earlier blog about this may remember that this was my challenge to myself to paint something with figures/portrait as every other painting. This challenge is taking an interesting turn - I started off finding the figures and portraits quite hard work, and the landscapes or seascapes in between as being a rest - but, here's the thing, the figures are getting easier and I am less interested in the landscapes!

This painting is another from my series of paintings of Piccadilly Station, Manchester, England. But this is probably the sort of scene you could see in many stations now - always someone checking a phone or a tablet while waiting to do the commute! The painting is called 'Piccadilly Station, No 2'.

The painting is totally with a knife, although I did underpaint with a brush initially.

The painting is for sale for $550 inclusive of shipping. For more details please contact me through my website - www.sarahmorleyfineart.com, call me on 447946432818 ( outside UK) or 07946432818.

daily painter, sunflower painting, tulip painting,

If you're having a grey rainy day today, this small seascape painting might help you get through the day.

Purchase here

It's a small  view of the ocean from east central Florida.  I love the repetitive action of the waves and could watch them roll into the beach for hours at a time.

It works well, just sitting on a shelf with a seashell or another reminder of your last trip to the tropics.

The scene extends around the sides of the canvas, so no framing is required.

I took a trip to Jetty Park at Pt. Canaveral the other day.

  That's where all the cruise ships dock and head out to the islands.  The weather was perfect, mid 70's, and I came home feeling like I had been on a little mini vacation.  Maybe this small seascape painting will help you to feel that way too.


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