Friday, January 31, 2014

"Green Vase With Lemons" By Mark Bidstrup

Simple still life study. I just took a advanced two day landscape class with Terry Muira. He's a master at the atmospheric landscape. I'll post a few of those paintings once they are dry.

10" x 8" oil on Raymar Plein Air Panel.  Unframed and shipped at $175.00

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Rooster Collage by Natasa Vretenar

Collage of all 30 roosters I completed in January

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Teeter Totter Temperatures by Pamela Blaies

An Apple, An Orange and a Single White Rose
oil on linen
5" x 7"

One thing they say in Texas is, "If you don't like the weather, just wait and it will change." That has certainly been true this week. Last Sunday had a high of 76 degrees, then two days later the low of the day was 22! Now, today has been in the 70s and by Sunday it is forecasted to have a low of 30. This see-saw weather is taking a toll on me and I've been feeling a little under the weather, but I thought I would share a little petite I finished this week. Hope you have a great weekend!

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Original oil paintings by Karen Tarlton - donations and commissions and Etsy listings

 Busy busy - I donated over 15 painting this month to various charities. This one above is one of my favorites! I hope it helps and does well!

Below are just a couple of the finished commissions this month.
Dry and shipping!
I love painting for people all over the world.
All of you are so inspiring
and have so many wonderful ideas.
 I never would have dreamed of a 24x48 inch pink peacock if it wasn't for my collector.
Thanks so much!

Small Landscape Painting, "Intracoastal Island" by Carol Schiff, 6x8" Oil

This small landscape painting depicts a scene I see every day.  Florida's intracoastal waterway is dotted with small uninhabited islands.

Purchase here
99.95 + shipping

During warmer months, the islands are often gathering places for camping and fishing trips or simply a fun boating trip for a family outing.  Even the youngest kids enjoy the sandy beaches and calm, shallow waters and many picnics and happy days occur there.

I painted the scene with a palette knife in the style I like to call "color weaving" which gives it a nice textured look.  I particularly like a small landscape painting in a simple black frame which, I feel, gives a sense of elegance.


Autumn Aspens Palette Knife Oil Painting Just Sold by Niki Gulley

"Colorful Transformation" ©2014 Niki Gulley
SOLD • 36" x 48" textured oil painting on wrap around canvas

JUST SOLD! With "Colorful Transformation," I wanted to focus on brilliant color and simple shapes to see if I could communicate the excitement I feel when surrounded by nature. Using energetic diagonal strokes and thick, textured paint, I hope you get a sense of the motion in the leaves and the power of nature to invigorate your spirit. I just love how this piece captured that essence!

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For more information on palette knife birch and aspen tree paintings, please e-mail Niki Gulley.

Aspen Tree Painting by Atlanta Artist, Jill Saur

Birch Tree Painting
©1990-2014 Aspen Tree Painting by Jill Saur, all rights reserved

Musing about my love for color this morning, I wrote these words,  "I wear the hues of this world in my soul and share them with others through my art".  

Inspired by the palette of Van Gogh, I've been rendering my new aspen paintings with a combination of blues and yellow/golds.  This little 9"x12" acrylic palette knife painting is titled, "Kebler Pass Aspen".  

I invite you to become a collector and experience the joy of owning artwork that inspires and uplifts your soul.  Email me.  To see more of my available work, please visit my website.   Thanks for viewing! - Jill Saur

"Wild and Wooly" Original Palette Knife Sunflower Painting by Colorado Impressionism Artist Judith Babcock


 16"x8" Oil on Canvas/SOLD

 Original Palette Knife Sunflower Painting

 This paintings is SOLD, but commissions are welcome.

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Waiting for Spring - winter snow scene palette knife painting by Marion Hedger

Waiting for Spring - winter snow scene
palette knife painting by Marion Hedger
24x35cm (approx 10x14inch)
on box canvas
Day 30 of the 30 day challenge
Available for purchase via Daily Paintworks auction
or buy it now price
Take a look at Marion Hedger's art website

Well the last day of the challenge is here, and it is time to take a breather and stock of all the paintings. I like some much better than others and will work on a few some more after I have studied them. Sometimes it takes a while to be able to assess a painting more critically than when it has just been painted.

About this painting
This was painted from a photograph on Paint my Photo, in response to this week's challenge on Daily Paintworks. I painted it over three days as the trees refused to form into a painterly order. The lef-hand-most tree was painted and wiped several times. It started out as a very thick tree, but just did not look right. It's much better now I have given it some breathing space.

Limited palette
I used a limited palette of alazarin crimson, ultramarine blue, cadmium orange and a touch of cadmium yellow. Maybe I should have toned down the alazarin to make it less red? Let me know what you think?

Some close-ups

Green Fields Contemporary Horse Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

  © G.O.D. Laurie Justus Pace      Graphics One Design 2013

Green Fields
28 x 42 inches Oil on Canvas. 
Available at Mirada Fine Art Denver.

The painting is not quite as dark as it looks on my screen.  A different palette for me and a pretty cool contemporary horse painting.  Contrasting colors and lots of buttery paint. 

Laurie Pace
A Texas Artist
Golden Pond Studio


Thursday, January 30, 2014


Winter rains bring welcome greenery to the hills in Southern California where I live. In summer months the hills turn brown, so I wanted to capture this moment on canvas.

Before beginning to paint I did several exploratory sketches to find the best composition. It’s an efficient way to work out the overall plan for a painting and avoid a false start when painting.

I’m showing one of my sketches here (the sketch is not for sale, however). In this sketch you can see the original vista I was considering, and how I eventually chose to select just the central portion. This was the part of the scene that truly caught my eye.

When I’m looking for fresh things to paint I sometimes take short painting trips like this, just going wherever the road leads me. I pull over when something catches my eye and paint it on the spot. Painting at the exact moment of inspiration seems to add something special to paintings.

This is another painting done like that, on the spur of the moment. Enjoy the view.

If this little jewel appeals to you, don’t let it get away. It’s one-of-a-kind and when it’s gone, it’s gone!

Thanks for looking.
Tom Brown



"Ah, Venezia!" by Karla Nolan, italy, venice, dusk, sunset

I guess Italy must be on my mind these days, having recently posted a Tuscan poppy fields and now a sunset in Venice.  Italy is one of the most wonderful places on the planet, I have had the best times there with the delicious food, wonderful wines, and lively and enchanting people.  Venice is a true gem, the canals and sights are mind boggling.  Do go there if you can!  

"Ah, Venezia!", 14"x11" palette knife oil painting on gesso board, $300 includes s/h in continental U.S., click Paypal button below or write me at for more information

Thanks for viewing my art!  Greetings from Fort Collins, Colorado

1537 Misty Waters Plein Air Alla Prima

I did this Tuesday at the Fort Pierce Inlet State park and just got around to posting it.  This was right when the fog drifted through, the opposite shore is faintly visible still.  A minute or two later it totally disappeared and then a few minutes later emerged again through the mist. 

Its 8 x 10 inches, oil on masonite, $250.

Cock #30 by Natasa Vretenar

"Aspen Magic" Original Palette Knife Aspen Tree Colorado Landscape Painting by Colorado Impressionism Artist Judith Babcock


  Original Palette Knife Aspen Tree Landscape Painting

  This paintings is SOLD, but commissions are welcome.

  Contact Judith at

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Sans Souci Garden Path and How to Put a Little Romance in Your Brush by Nancy Medina

 Detail: Sans Souci Garden Path
by Nancy Medina
Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas

Sans Souci Garden Path is the newest tribute to romance in Flower Mound Art Studio. I created this garden scene by blending many of my Dallas Arboretum photographs with art model photos taken in the past, cutting, pasting and overlapping until I found a composition that worked. With a strong vertical element (the little lady) I needed an equally strong, but less important horizontal element to help push her forward, and create a nice bit of tension for the eye. The fuschia hedgerow filled the bill!

You are invited to join me February 14-16 for three days of painting loose, bright, fun flowers and dresses in North Texas in my workshop designed specially for the traveling artist. With free transportation to and from the airport and to class each day, located just a few miles from the airport, this is an easy quick trip for those who want to dip their toes in a fun workshop with lots of cool giveaways. The workshop is almost full so don't delay! Put a little romance in your brush and join me for some Valentine's fun!

Painting Romantic Flowers and Dresses

Almost Full!

February 14-16
Irving, Texas
9 am to 5 pm

Sans Souci Garden Path, 20X20, oil

A Texas Artist Laurie Pace, Contemporary Sailboat paintings,

  © G.O.D. Laurie Justus Pace      Graphics One Design 2014

12 x 12 inches Oil on Canvas. SOLD 

This is a larger version of a smaller painting. Always hard to do. The size of the knife really does not change so working on a large surface and trying to achieve the think strokes of paint can be challenging. 
This sailboat painting will take over a month to six weeks to cure enough to be framed.  Wanted to share it though, as it was fun doing it.

 And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to the which also ye are called in one body; and be ye thankful.  Colossians 3:15

Laurie Pace
A Texas Artist 


© Graphics One Design 2014

Kaleidoscope - Colourful tulip still life abstract Palette knife painting by Marion Hedger

Kaleidoscope - Colourful tulip still life abstract
Palette knife painting by Marion Hedger
40x40 (16x16") cm on box canvas
Painted on a black gesso ground
The sides have been painted black.
Can be hung without a frame.
Available for purchase

Take a look at Marion Hedger's art website

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About this painting
This painted was started a while ago with some left-over paint and I left it quite unfinished. It resurfaced yesterday and I decided to have another stab at it. I wanted an abstract feel, so I lost some of the original tulips (there were a lot of them) and made the remaining ones larger. But, they still looked a little too realistic and I felt myself tightening up.

Knowing that I would finish up with realism if I kept on, I decided to do something drastic.!. I got out a large palette knife and scraped over the whole surface to lose the definition. I was starting to like it better. I continued applying paint and scraping back in some places. I am now calling it done.
It certainly is colourful - an antidote to today's grey and rainy day.

I shall take a better photo tomorrow when the rain stops and I can go outside to take one without the glare.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cock # 29 by Natasa Vretenar

Gone Flying, Back Soon Poppies and You Know You're an Artist When by Nancy Medina

 Gone Flying, Back Soon Poppies
by Nancy Medina
Palette Knife/Oil on Archival Panel

You know you're an artist have a TON of things to do and you stop everything to paint because the light catches your eye on some colorful the dining room you recently converted into Studio Number Two....after getting rid of your perfectly good dining room table. Anyone else ever had this problem? Hmmm?

 Poppies perched on the easel

Distracted by the siren song of a pretty flower, yet again....

Palette Knife Painting Demo by Texas Artist Niki Gulley for the Trinity Art Guild

"Spring's Arrival"  ©2014  Niki Gulley
24" x 12" textured oil painting on wrap around canvas

Inspired from our Art Trek to Provence, I chose to paint this stone farm house and poppy field for my palette knife demonstration for the Trinity Art Guild last week. The resulting image is loaded with thick oil paint and texture, uplifting color and energy!

If you'd like to join us in Provence for our next Plein Air Painting and Photography Workshop June 26th - July 4th, please let me know soon as there are only 2 spaces left! For more details, e-mail Niki Gulley or go to

Upcoming Art Treks
Venice, Italy РCarnivalé РFeb. 22-Mar. 1, 2014
Paris, France – June 19-27, 2014
 Provence, France – June 26 – July 4, 2014
Tuscany, Italy – Sept. 5-13, 2014
Cinque Terre and Lake Como, Italy – Sept. 12-21, 2014

Plein Air Painting / Photography Workshops
Led by Niki Gulley and Scott Williams
E-mail me at for more information.

Floral Palette Knife Painting On Canvas

Atlanta Art Galleries
©1990-2014 Floral Art by Jill Saur, all rights reserved

When I'm not rendering aspen trees, I love to paint flowers!  This 16"x20" acrylic painting is loaded with texture and painted entirely with my palette knife.  Inspired by the smile that flowers bring when given to a loved one, I've titled this painting, "Summer Love".  

Become a collector today and see why my patrons are very happy clients!  EMAIL ME
To see more of my available work, please visit my WEBSITE.  Thanks! - Jill Saur

Summer Blooms palette knife oil painting by Marion Hedger

Summer Blooms palette knife painting
by Marion Hedger
oil on primed MDF panel
15x15cm (6x6 inch)
Day 27 of the 30 day challenge.
Take a look at Marion Hedger's art website

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Some close ups of the knife work

"Poppies With View, Original Palette Knife Poppy Landscape Painting by Colorado Impressionist Judith Babcock

   14x29 Palette Knife Poppy Landscape Painting/Available

    Original Palette Knife Poppy Landscape Painting

    To purchase, contact Judith at

     To see more of my work, visit

First Flowers, Flower painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

  © G.O.D. Laurie Justus Pace      Graphics One Design 2014

First Flowers 
24 x 24 inches Mixed Media. 

Okay, so I got stuck on this one. It is NOT done, but I am studying it closely and waiting for the right time to approach the surface with oils. Currently it is fresh and beautiful to my artist eye and I really love the freedom in the entire piece.  Give me your feedback. Make a comment for me.  Do I paint more or just a little bit to accent things? 

This flower painting is available. Contact me.

Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name. Psalm 100:4

Laurie Pace
A Texas Artist 


© Graphics One Design 2014

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

1536 Misty Day at the Beach Plein Air Alla Prima

Very lovely day today at the Inlet State Park. Not too hot or cold, just right.  About when I finished this painting, that hazy cloud in the background passed over us for a few minutes, everything was foggy, it was like being in a cloud.  I don't get that experience very often here.  I loved the drive through the park, the sun was shining on many dew bejeweled spiderwebs making them glow in the light. 

The path leads to the ocean.  

The painting is 8 x 10 inches oil on Masonite.  $250.

Original oil painting by Karen Tarlton - Angel Bright and new line of home decor by Karensfineart

A new line of products is now available with my artwork on it and can be purchased in my Etsy shop!
If you don't see what you want in my home decor section - just let me know and I'll get it listed for you.
Angel Bright 12x12 just listed! I am working on a new spring line of angels coming soon!

"Tuscan Spring" by Karla Nolan

Well, it's been a while since I've blogged and posted my artwork.  I needed to take a brief hiatus to attend to some family matters but I'm hoping to be posting more regularly again. 

Can you guess what season I'd prefer to be in right now?  Hint, it's not winter!  Our forecast 1" snowfall turned out to be a half foot deep where we live.  So my mind returns to Tuscany, Italy, in the springtime where the fields are red with papaveri, the red European flowers in bloom everywhere.  This art piece comes framed up in a clean and simple gold frame, ready to go on your wall. 

"Tuscan Spring", 10"x20" framed palette knife oil painting, $525 includes s/h in continental U.S., click Paypal button below or write me at for more information

Thanks for viewing my art!  Greetings from Fort Collins, Colorado

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