Lost and Found

Our team of Palette Knife Painters can be found on the Meet and Contact Our Artists page, however we are sometimes approached by folk looking for other artists.

This is where we feature the details, hoping that someone, somewhere, has information on the artists being looked for. If you know any information at all in regard to the artists below, please leave us a comment with your details below in the Comments Box ... we'd really appreciate hearing what you know. In turn we will pass on the information to the folk searching.

Goldie Kaminsky
Below is a painting by Goldie Kaminsky and this is the message we received:
"I came across the painting on Etsy – the artist’s page had the name Goldie Kaminski on it and she is from the Chicago, IL area but looks like she has been inactive for quite some time."

Clown painting by "Beurh" (Name could be something else!)
Brenda Jones has sent us these pics of a painting she has. Her message is:
"I have a large clown painting that I'm trying to identify the artist. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Or if someone could tell me who to contact! Thank you!"
By clicking on Brenda's name you will be taken through to her Facebook page from where you can message her.

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