Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Memories and Reflections by Pamela Blaies

11" x 14"
oil on canvas

I spent the weekend at a high school reunion. It was fun catching up with some old friends and I was able to spend some time with my mom, too. I knew I wouldn't have much time for painting before I left for the weekend, so I put together a composition for a smaller painting. This one lent itself to some fun scumbling texture. I noticed the way the orange-half reflected onto the blade of the knife and this little detail is what made me decide to leave the knife in the composition.

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Monday, July 30, 2012

"Rio Chama" impasto textured NM landscape painting by Natasa Vretenar

"Rio Chama" 12"X24"
Palette knife painting with thick texture by Natasa Vretenar. 
Please visit my website at http://artbynv.com or email me at nvretenar@gmail.com

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Original oil painting "Windswept Dancer" by Karen Tarlton modern impressionism

Windswept Dancer

"Dance like nobody's watching"

Painting for me is quite a passion and I enjoy to paint from inspirational music, experiences, and travels. Every so often people inspire me too!
I was listening to some of my favorite classical and before I could stop myself she started to dance on the canvas.
Hope you enjoy!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Abstract Crystal Cove Beach Painting by California Janet Bludau

12" x 16"
Oil on Canvas
Crystal Cove Beach is in Newport Beach California.  It is at the southern end, next to Laguna Beach.
It really is one of our most beautiful beach spots and includes tide pools, The Beachcomber Restaurant right on the sand and charming, renovated, historic cottages for vacation rentals.
My painting was created using brushes and also palette knives for parts of the picnic bench and also the sand portion of the painting.

Any questions?  bludauart@gmail.com

Just My Luck by Kay Wyne

Just My Luck
6" x 6" Oil on Panel
Small palette knife painting to sit on a small easel.
Contact Kay at kay@kwyne.com if you would be interested in this painting.
Thanks, KMW

Friday, July 27, 2012

Santa Fe Art Trek - Aug. 12-18 with Niki Gulley

"Rio Chama" ©2012 Niki Gulley
SOLD • 9" x 12" textured oil

Santa Fe is the muse of many famous artists and photographers, and that could be you, too! Join us for our Plein-Air Painting and Photography Workshop this August in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We will transport you to different picturesque locations, where you will be painting and (or) photographing scenes that inspired Georgia O’Keeffe and Ansel Adams. Santa Fe offers breathtaking vistas; sunny, dry weather, world class restaurants, galleries and shopping ensconced in a charming, 400 year old Spanish Colonial city that welcomes the new and exciting and never grows old. This is a not to be missed workshop in “The Land of Enchantment.” 

Santa Fe Art Trek
Plein Air Painting and/or photography workshop taught by Scott Williams and Niki Gulley
Santa Fe, New Mexico
August 12 -18, 2012
See nikigulley.com/art-classes for more details 
or e-mail Niki Gulley with any questions and to register.

Above: Our students painting this scenic overlook of the Rio Chama from last year's Santa Fe Art Trek.

To see more of Niki Gulley's textured oil paintings, visit NikiGulley.com.


Just A Wonderful Day by Kay Wyne

Just A Wonderful Day
6" x 6" Oil on RayMar Panel
This little painting looks great on an easel or popped into a frame.
Either way, I hope that it makes you smile.
Kay at kay@kwyne.com

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lake Como Sailing by Karen Tarlton Original oil painting impressionism

Lake Como Sailing
Inspired by our trip to Italy last summer, I was awestruck by the beauty of Italy and this amazing lake. Seeing this brilliant blue water, with its reflective villas and boats in the sun, just made me feel happy and I wanted you to experience that joy, too. In person “Lake Como Sailing” practically leaps off the canvas with its vibrant palette knife strokes and extremely thick three-dimensional paint.
"I see my path, but I don't know where it leads.  Not knowing where I'm going is what inspires me to travel it." 
                                                                                                                                    ~Rosalia de Castro

Studio Painting in the Summer by Pamela Blaies

20" x 16"
oil on canvas

Painting in the studio is perfect when the weather outside is just too hot. I brought in some things from my garden to put this still life together. The color combination is so fresh.

Here is a photo of the work in progress.

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Daily Painting 1440 Beach Dreams Indian River Oil Painting

This is the view down on the river bank, the flowers are from the mother of thousands plants.  There are sea grapes behind them.    I enjoyed painting this, it was one of those paintings that gave me no troubles, just sort of fell together.

I have had a number of people asking me lately if I do commissions, I am happy to, its nice sometimes for me to have the decision of what to paint taken away from me. 

Also in the fall, when the weather is cooler,  I will be looking for some new places to paint in the Fort Pierce area, I need some new inspirations.  Either for just myself or for my painting group; The Plein Air Painters of the Treasure Coast.  If you have a pretty yard, I would love to paint there!

 To purchase just press the little Paypal button below. 

 The painting is 12 x 16 inches, oil on masonite. <!-- NODP begin dailypainters html template 231773 --><form style='margin-top:10px;margin-bottom:10px;' action="https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr" method="post" target="_blank"><input type="hidden" name="cmd" value="_xclick"/><input type="hidden" name="business" value="lorartbus@aol.com"/><input type="hidden" name="item_name" value="Daily Painting 1440 Beach Dreams Indian River Oil Painting"/><input type="hidden" name="item_number" value="Daily Painting 1440 Beach Dreams Indian River Oil Painting 527_520_231773" /><input type="hidden" name="invoice" value="527_520_231773"><input type="hidden" name="amount" value="500" /><input type="hidden" name="shipping" value="0"/><input type="hidden" name="no_shipping" value="0"><input type="hidden" name="currency_code" value="USD"/><input type="hidden" name="lc" value="US"/><input type="hidden" name="bn" value="PP-BuyNowBF"/><input style='margin-top:5px;margin-right:10px;' type="image" width="62" height="31" src="http://www.dailypainters.com/images/paypal_button.gif" border="0" name="submit" alt="Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!" align='left'><div>Buy this painting on PayPal</div><div>Price: $500 USD</div><div>Or, <a href="mailto:lorartbus@aol.com">send me an email</a></div></form><!-- end dailypainters html template 231773 -->

French Countryside by Deborah Harold

6x6 on Artisan Panel unframed.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Palette knife Sunflower Painting by Niki Gulley

"Bathed in Sunshine" ©2012 Niki Gulley
SOLD • 30" x 48" textured painting on canvas

Just Sold!  Inspired by our trip to Provence last summer, I was awestruck by these massive fields of sunflowers blooming. Seeing this brilliant carpet of gold, with its sea of faces smiling towards the sun, just made me feel happy and I wanted you to experience that joy, too. In person “Bathed in Sunshine” practically leaps off the canvas with its vibrant yellow petals and extremely thick three-dimensional paint.

Web - NikiGulley.com • E-mail - Niki Gulley

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Abstract "Maui Weekend" Baldwin Beach Painting With Palm Trees by Janet Bludau

12" x 16" Oil
Baldwin Beach is in Kahului, Maui
and is my idea of a perfect LONG Weekend getaway.
Do you think it will ever happen?
Questions?  Bludauart@gmail.com
My Website:  Website

Bellagio Lake Como Italy Original oil painting by Karen Tarlton

Bellagio Lake Como Italy
I'm in southern California now and it reminds me so much of Italy when I'm at the beach. The same plants grow here and there's lots of Italian architecture. 
Here's a brand new Lake, beach, Italy, SoCal, inspired work!
Sail boats and shuttered windows
Fresh Breeze blowing
 Clay rooftops and Sunflowers
My kind of street :)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Summer Horse 60 by Texas Artist Laurie Pace, 100 horses in 100 days for $100 each.

©Laurie Pace   Graphics One Design 1998-2012
Contact Laurie for Commission work or to purchase a painting.

Summer Horse 60 SOLD
By Texas Artist Laurie Pace 
 10 x 8 inches Oil on Canvas

100 Horses for 100 Days of Summer for $100 Each 


Read more: http://lauriepace.blogspot.com/#ixzz21Uqtlqbi

Alvin's Farm in July, by Kathryn Willis

Alvin's Farm in July, 12x16", oil on panel, Kathryn Willis

A postcard from Idaho, painted last week, in plein air.  This is my favorite farm to paint while during our summers in Idaho....just across the road.  More to come.  

Painting Available for Purchase
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For information about this painting and to view my work:
My website site:  http://www.kathrynwillisart.com
My blog:  http://www.kathrynwillisart.com/blog
email:  kathy@kathrynwillisart.com

Galleries:  Joan Cawley Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ
Sedona Arts Center, Sedona, AZ
Outskirts Gallery, Hope, ID


Two more 5x5 sunflower paintings... I have couple of larger ones in the works that will need my attention the next few days....

5" x 5" Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas


This one was painted on a bright pink background....

5" x 5" Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas


I would like to introduce the models for my sunflower series... I got this sunflower bouquet at Trader Joe's and they are absolutely gorgeous... The bring just the right amount of sunny splash into my living room....

These two larger florals have been patiently waiting for me  to start work on them. If successful both will make a trip to Rochester NY to live with my sister...

Summer Flowers by Pamela Blaies

20" x 16"
oil on canvas

Flowers, flowers, flowers. Love 'em! My hydrangeas have been so georgeous this year and I've used them in several of my most recent paintings. I love them in all colors, but especially when they begin to fade in the summer. The subtle colors of these hydrangeas give a beautiful background for the bright red verbena and a couple of bosc pears.

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Commissioned Fall Palette Knife Painting by Niki Gulley

"Where Paths Meet" ©2012 Niki Gulley
SOLD • 36" x 48" textured oil painting

Just delivered.  One of my new collectors asked me to create a painting for his wife based on one of her photos of a forest preserve in the Chicago area. I was excited to paint this custom piece for them since I've always loved tree scenes. I liked how the distinct curving lines along the path and rickety fence lead you deep into the woods. Playing with autumn golds and oranges contrasted against intense blues and purples in the shadows, I created energetic strokes with my palette knife to create web of texture in the distant tangled branches and dense falling leaves in the foreground. The final painting is full of movement, color and depth and was exactly what my new collectors were looking for!

To see more of my contemporary landscape paintings, visit my website at NikiGulley.com.

Or, e-mail Niki Gulley for more information on commissioning a unique painting of your own.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Poppy Dance Original oil painting by Karen Tarlton

Poppy Dance
Brand new floral. Love RED in a painting and in my garden. :)
Finished with my gardening for now.
I'll be painting some brand new beach scenes this week!

Home From France by Deborah Harold

9x6 palette knife work of a gentle country road.
I started this before I left for Paris and just now finished it 
as I am trying to get over my jet lag.
It is a very textured board which adds interest and the palette was soft.


Continuing my experiment with various backgrounds....

5" x 5" Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas


Saturday, July 21, 2012


I went for more drama with this one....

5" x 5" Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas


Angel Painting by Judy Mackey

"Angel A to Zen"
8" x  10", Oil on Board
Purchase Information
Website:  JudyMackey.com
If you are interested in purchasing "Angel A to Zen", please email me at judy@judymackey.com.  If you like my work, I hope you will refer me to your friends.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Daily Painting 1439 Red Hot Ixoras Tropical Flower oil Painting

Its oil on masonite, 12 x 16 inches.  I didn't have an idea of what to paint today, I have been watching a schefflera flower so I went outside for a closer look and on the way back in saw my ixoras so I decided to paint them instead.  Its almost all knife and has really nice textures.

I guess I'll do the schefflera another day.  $500.

"Requested Roses" original palette knife painting by David Edwards

original acrylic palette knife painting 
on panel
by David Edwards
14x48 inches

This painting is available.
If interested send me an email
for information and price
and I'll ship free.
I do accept PayPal.
More works available on my website.

The Good Thing Is... by Pamela Blaies

20" x 16"
oil on canvas

My internet connection has been out for days. I had to resort to stopping by Starbucks the other day just to reply to emails. The good thing is that without the distraction I have been able to paint all day, every day this week. Here is the last of my "Summer Sunflower Series."

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Textured Birch Tree Paintings by Niki Gulley

"Autumn Gems" ©2012 Niki Gulley
SOLD • 36" x 48" textured mixed media on wrap around canvas

Just Sold!  Shimmering colors of autumn: Birch and Oak trees quiver, their light graceful leaves tremble and quake, silver and gold, scarlet and tangerine, with each light breeze. There is the quiet energy of change coming and vibrant color charges the woods. Crisp fall mountain air, a band of slender straight trunks cut bright strokes of white against a dazzling tumble of amber and crimson. Staccato strokes and shimmering hues add to the feeling of change in the air and suggest the wind whistling through the foliage.

If you are in Ann Arbor, MI this weekend, please stop by my booth at the largest art show in the country to see more of my textured birch and aspen tree paintings.

State Street Area Art Fair
Wed. July 18 • 10 am – 9pm
Thurs. July 19 • 10am – 9pm
Fri. July 20 • 10am – 9pm
Sat. July 21 • 10am – 6pm
Ann Arbor, MI • Liberty & State St.
Booth #B212 on N. University between Thayer & State

Or, to see more of my contemporary landscape paintings, visit my website at NikiGulley.com.

E-mail Niki Gulley for more information.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hydrangeas by Karen Tarlton - Original oil painting impressionism Flowers

I planted these in my garden almost as soon as we moved into our new house.
I hope they flourish, grow and bloom big!
I couldn't wait to paint them.
A favorite flower all dressed in blue. Thick impressionistic impasto flowers. This original oil has a unique combination of color, texture, and form.
Brand new and listing soon.

Contemporary Sunflower Painting by OLGA WAGNER

This little series started with me wanting to experiment with sever color combinations in preparation for a larger painting.  I was excited after the first little painting that I just had to work on another.

5" x 5" Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas


5" x 5" Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas


Both Paintings side by side...

Both paintings have the sides painted to match.

Perfect Day by Kay Wyne

Perfect Day
6" x 6" Oil on RayMar Cotton Panel
This little panel is ready for a new home!
Contact Kay at kay@kwyne.com for more information.
Thanks. KMW
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