Friday, September 30, 2011

Loveland art studio tour

The tour is on the 15th and 16th of October. There is a premiere opening at the Loveland Museum on the 14th! Please come join us and preview artwork by most artists on the tour.
Visit my blog for more info.
The picture above is of me and my husband a couple of weeks ago at the Night on the Town in Old Town Loveland :). you can see my paintings behind me - almost all of them are palette knife paintings
You can visit Loveland Museum online on FB

Celebrating Uptown, 6x6x 7/8 Canvas, $47.00, Painting #83 of the CLUB 47 Challenge,Original Palette Knife Abstract Painting by Kimberly Conrad

Original palette knife abstract painting on 6x6x 7/8 gallery wrapped canvas.It is part of the Club 47 Challenge, $4.70 will be donated to the Carol and David Marine HERE to read more!!

Click Here to See Artist Carol McIntyre's lovely Studio!!

Click HERE to purchase.

Bear Lake, Estes Park Aspen Tree Painting

Bear Lake is magnificent in the fall!  My husband and I spent nine days there on a photography trip last year.  I came away with some wonderful subject matter for my aspen and birch tree paintings!

I just put the finishing touches on this 11"x14" acrylic painting.  It's entitled, "Reaching Upward", and is available on my website.  This work is vibrant and it emanates joy!

My website:  CLICK HERE               My email:  CLICK HERE

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fresh Bloom by Janet Bludau, Palette Knife Abstract Florals

6" x 6" Oil on Board
This painting looks fabulous in a chunky white floater frame
If you would like to see a photo of a possible frame, just send me an email
This was an enjoyable painting to turn out.  It reminded me of my many different shades of lipgloss!


Artists: My NEW Plein Air Workshop begins next week. Come join the group!

These classes are for all skill levels, from absolute beginners to advanced painters. I give lots of personal attention and we always have a great time.

I’ll teach you how to create solid compositions, how to master color temperature, how to create color harmony, how to work with a limited palette and much more.

We meet 5 consecutive Saturday mornings from 9am to noon at a variety of scenic locations around Orange County, California. The first class will be held October 8 in Irvine, California.

Email me for details if you would like to join us.

The painting above is a 10x5-inch original oil painting that I created as a demonstration during a previous Plein Air Workshop I taught. The subject of this painting was the classic cliff formation known as "Keyhole Rock" at a beach in Southern California.

When viewed from a certain angle the opening in the base of the cliff forms a perfect keyhole, right out of the Treasure-Island-type pirate movies I found so exciting when I was a kid.

I am including a photo of the actual scene as well as a picture of some of the artists who joined me for a day of fun in the sun.

Thanks for stopping. Email if you would like to purchase this painting or want more information about my upcoming Plein Air Workshop. - Tom Brown


Way too much on my plate lately! Work is crazy busy which doesn't give me too much time to get into the studio. This weekend is already scheduled to the max. Between the Art Festifall in Chapel Hill and setup for Equestrian Special Olympics in Raleigh I feel a bit overextended... But, that is life and I am lucky to be able to do all these things!

This painting is VERY different from my usual work. As an artist and a person, I always try to stretch my boundaries and try new endeavors. I believe that all my work with palette knifes tough me to be much less afraid of not getting the the likeness just right and let become much looser in my painting.

This painting still has an Animal presence...Can you spot it?...Hint: Closeup is in the 3rd image

To be named - I need to sleep on it...
16 x 20 Acrylic on Stretched Canvas


Closeup of color layers and textures

Close-up of the Paw

I had to share another great recipe that I found extremely easy and absolutely YUMMY! I LOVE to eat great food, but I don't care for spending too much time the Kitchen. My life is way too hectic as it is...Also, my pantry (or whatever you would like to call it) is rather pathetic, and thus I always look for recipes with the least ingredients...

This creation is from the kitchen of Emeril Lagasse and only had a total pf 6 ingredients (including salt and paper)... I ended up adding some lemon juice and lemon rind to it for an added kick.

Link to the Recipe is HERE

Crispy Pan Roasted Chicken with Garlic-Thyme Butter

Coastal Light and Calm

6"x6" oil on gessoed masonite archival panel

"Becoming inspired requires that you be curious about, and attentive to, feelings that emerge to help you reconnect with your original self." - Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

This summer I've been doing a lot of exploration in subject matter, size of paintings, and added another color to my palette that I haven't used in over a decade. But I take the advice of "notice what you notice" (what do you really love to look at?)- and I have the good fortune to have done a lot of painting from life this summer!

I have always sold my plein air works as finished paintings, they are usually gone before I even think of using it as a reference in the studio for a larger, or different sized painting. Listening to Dyer's advice about becoming inspired made me realize I had already done just that. I love the big abstract shapes in nature, the effect that light has on color...that changes each hour, each minute of the day.

Making this little gem available before I take on a big one! This painting is available from my gallery (check out Newest Paintings) or contact me here.

Escalante Plein Air Festival "Calf Creek Canyon" by Kathryn Willis

Calf Creek Canyon, 12x16" oil on panel, by Kathryn Willis

Calf Creek Canyon was my competition entry in the Escalante Plein Air Festival last week in Escalante, Utah. Not an award winner, but it did get a nice price at the silent auction on Saturday night from some very nice buyers. That counts as a winner for me!

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Romance & Whimsy VI, 6x6x7/8 Canvas,$47.00, Painting # 81 of the CLUB 47 Challenge, Original Palette Knife Tulip Painting by Colorado Artist Kimberly Conrad

Original brush and palette knife whimsical tulip painting on 6x6x7/8 gallery wrapped canvas, ready to hang. It is part of the Club 47 Challenge, $4.70 will be donated to the Carol and David Marine HERE to read more!!
If you have not sure to visit my In The Studio page to see Colorado artist Carol McIntyre's studio!! Click HERE to purchase.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Late September Morning by Roxanne Steed

6"x24" oil on linen (2 stretched canvases, 6x12 each)

I've been wanting to paint this bit of garden all summer. Especially for the peegee hydrangea at the corner of the fence. It starts out with limey green blossoms early in the summer, which gradually get huge and a warm white. As summer turns to autumn, they turn a rosey-mauvey-burgundy color. This it the 3rd summer in our garden - and the blooms on this one this year are huge!

This piece can be purchased (unframed) from my gallery or contact me here.

Original oil painting - Fall Rainy Romance - impressionism by Karen Tarlton


Extreme texture and glowing color!  Many layers of paint and this one is fresh off the easel!

"The only time I feel alive is when I'm painting. "~ Vincent Van Gogh

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Galleries: City Lights Gallery, Las Vegas, NV
The Arlington Arts Gallery, Arlington Virginia
Galerie Severn, New Orleans Louisiana
The Stonehenge Gallery, Montgomery Alabama, SAC's Gallery, Montgomery Alabama,
KR Designs, Fort Myers,FL

Arizona Desert landscape oil painting by BECKY JOY

The Superstitions 18x24 oil by Becky Joy
I've painted at the Superstitions many times and I used to stop there in the late afternoon after visiting my son when he lived close to the Superstitions. The afternoon sunlight on the mountains around the desert glow with a warm light, absolutely beautiful.
This painting has energetic brushstrokes with the bushes. I had a wonderful time painting it.

The painting is priced unframed.

Cornucopia of Domes

Fresh off the Easel   Half Domes, oil on paper, 5x7", $150.00  matted in an 8-ply archival mat.
Color studies for me, bright spots of color for you.  I never tire of painting this magnificent rock!
Contact:  Penny Otwell   --     email:

'Remnants' By Irish Artist Maria Noonan-McDermott

'Remnants', Oil on canvas,
90cm x 70cm.
Copyright 2011

Vineyard and Mountain plein air by BECKY JOY

Mt. Hood 6x6 oil landscape. $75. Click here to bid.

I painted this in Washington looking across the Columbia Gorge onto Mt. Hood in Oregon. I was participating in the Pacific Northwest Plein Air Festival in Hood River along the Gorge. We spent the morning at a vineyard in Washington. This was my final painting before I packed up the paints and spent some time visiting my family then headed home to Arizona.


White Rose Estate View by Deborah Harold

The restful dreamy quality of this scene of the vineyard was interesting to create.
It required me to push and pull the paint around quite a bit. In the end I am 
pleased with the finished work. I started it at Cannery Paints and had critiquing from my
artist friends which is always a huge plus!
8x8 on Artisan panel

Tuscany Plein Air Painting Workshop with Niki Gulley

5" x 7" textured oil by Niki Gulley

Day 1 - Afternoon Location - ART TREKS: Tuscany
Plein Air Painting & Photography Workshop with Niki Gulley & Scott Williams

After we finished our morning painting at the villa, and enjoyed a delicious lunch of proscuittos, pecorinos, fresh fruit and a little vino, we ventured out to our afternoon location. Just one of the unique aspects of the Tuscan landscape are the cypress that dot the horizon, so we picked this long curving road lined by cypress for our second subject. This was the only day that it looked like it might rain, but we lucked out and the drops stayed away. The overcast skies are actually quite nice for plein air work because it provides some shade while you're painting, and keeps the light more constant.

So we set up our easels along this overlook, and quickly blocked in our basic shapes and colors. Next we worked on creating volume in the hillsides, and then added highlights and shadows to the bushes to give them more dimension. Lastly, we added highlights to our road and finally the fun part - all of those cypress lining the road. Above you can see my easel set up - I like this simple lightweight pochade box by EASyL (, which holds everything: palette, paints, brushes and 2 wet boards.

As a reward that night, we treated ourselves to a fantastic Tuscan dinner!

I'll have this Tuscany oil painting in addition to many more at the Cottonwood Art Festival,, this weekend, Oct. 1st & 2nd from 9am - 6pm in Richardson, TX. Please stop by my booth to see them in person.

Or, if you would like to join us on future ART TREKS to Paris, France in May or Tuscany, Italy in September, visit, which goes into detail about our upcoming Plein Air Painting & Photography Workshops. Early registration deadline for a $500 savings is quickly approaching!


E-mail me at for more information.

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French Cafe Avignon Scene Oil palette Knife painting by Chris Hobel

Palette Knife  Oil Painting 
French Cafe Avignon 12x12" on deep sided stretched canvas
to purchase email me

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Escalante Rocks Afternoon, by Kathryn Willis

I've just returned from a week of fabulous painting fun in southern Utah at the Esclante Plein Air Festival. This was my first time to participate in a plein air festival and first time to this area of Uta--and what a great way to start. The weather was beautiful, lots of enthusiastic artists and festival goers, and absolutely incredible landscape to paint.

Each artist had from Saturday until Thursday to complete up to 10 paintings in a three county area of southern Utah--encompassing such amazing places such as Bryce Canyon National Park, Capitol Reef National Park, the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and the great little towns in this area.

The painting above was my entry in the "paintout" competition. Everyone painted at a single location from 9-5. I found a nice shady spot to paint in and completed a painting in the morning and one in the afternoon. I'll be posting some of my other paintings from the event during the next week.

Painting Available for Purchase

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Original oil painting - Abstract Nude - impressionism fine art by Karen Tarlton

Abstract Nude

This original oil has a unique combination of color, texture and form.  Degas inspired....I love to play warm against cool colors  and generate movement and form with inspirational color!

I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way - things I had no words for. ~Georgia O'Keeffe

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Galleries: City Lights Gallery, Las Vegas, NV
The Arlington Arts Gallery, Arlington Virginia
Galerie Severn, New Orleans Louisiana
The Stonehenge Gallery, Montgomery Alabama, SAC's Gallery, Montgomery Alabama,
KR Designs, Fort Myers,FL

Old Yellow House plein air oil painting by BECKY JOY

The Corner House 6x6 oil landscape $75. Click here to bid

I painted this in Prescott, AZ as a demo in a workshop that I taught. The last day of the workshop we went to town to paint some old homes. The trees shade a lot of the homes making it difficult to find houses with a good view and some light on them. This corner house was exposed and had some light on it. I liked the pattern of the yellow light.

End of the Day at White Rose Estate by Deborah Harold

The owner of the beautiful White Rose Estate gave me several photographs of the winery 
to paint. This is third in a series that I am doing and will then ship them to Oregon to sell in the 
tasting room. The deep greens set against the last light of the setting sun make this one dramatic.
6x6 on artisan panel.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Afternoon Light of Autumn by Roxanne Steed

8"x10" oil on Belgian linen mounted on archival panel

Back to the same site at Harkness Park, where I painted "Butterfly Song" just a month ago back in August. Now the purple Joe-Pye weeds have almost gone by, they've turned a bit brownish purple. I chose to catch the view from a slightly different angle on this day - as I really liked the afternoon shadow shapes along the left side walls of the barns. Hurricane Irene really did some weird damage to the foliage on most of the trees. Many have browned out and are dropping leaves rather than turning color. Even the evergreens have browned out on the side facing south, where salt-spray comes off the ocean. I'm really curious as to whether we'll get much more color at all this fall here on the shoreline?!

Contact me here for more information about this painting!

Big Sky - Janet Bludau, Abstract Palette Knife Landscapes

6" x 12"
Oil on Board

The sky is brushwork while the bottom part of the painting is thick paint applied with various sizes of palette knifes.
Please see my website: for purchase and, or 
to see my other work.
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Another fun and happy cow painting! Loved working on this girl. I recently joined the Focal Point Gallery in Chapel Hill and promised them a few fun and bright paintings. This one looks sharp in a 3" Gold frame and will look fabulous hanging on display.

12 x 24 Oil on Canvas



“INTO THE LIGHT” is a 6x6-inch original oil painting. Contact me directly to purchase this painting.

Click here for my eBay auctions:
Thanks for looking.
Tom Brown


“NO STOPPING OR STANDING ANY TIME” is a 6x6-inch original oil painting. Contact me directly to purchase this painting.

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Thanks for looking.
Tom Brown

Original oil painting Romance Landscape impasto fine art

Romantic Stroll
This original modern oil has unique texture and many thick layers of luminous oil color creating a 3 dimensional work of palette knife art. Modern and romantic, this vibrant piece makes a great addition to any fine art collection. Sides are painted so it is ready to hang!

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Galleries: City Lights Gallery, Las Vegas, NV
The Arlington Arts Gallery, Arlington Virginia
Galerie Severn, New Orleans Louisiana
The Stonehenge Gallery, Montgomery Alabama, SAC's Gallery, Montgomery Alabama,
KR Designs, Fort Myers,FL

Small Paintings 5 x 7"

JJ's Bread (top) is oil on board and a fun subject -- it's her famous hot pepper bread with cheese, something one can only try occasionally or there's trouble.  The second painting is called "Celebrate" and is from a series I did with acrylic and origami paper collage -- really fun stuff to work with.  Now I'm working on small Half Dome paintings and will show those next.  Have a great day!

BECKY JOY plein air old truck oil painting

Old McDonald's Truck 6x8 oil landscape Click here to bid starting at $100...Coming soon!

This is a plein air painting from the workshop that I taught in Prescott last week. We painted at the McDonald Farm where there was all kinds of stuff including several old trucks and old farm equipment. This was as close as I could get to the truck, but I thought that the fences and junk just added to the charm.
Painting Workshops Online


I have done a few botson terriers in the past, but really enjoyed working on this one. The composition seems so simple, but it took me a bit before I was happy with it...

HERE LOOKING AT YOU 12 x 12 x 1.5 Oil on Canvas

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Back of the Dunes by Roxanne Steed

8"x10" oil on Belgian linen mounted on archival board

I am always pleasantly surprised at the wonderful 'abstract' shapes in a landscape that you see when you squint your eyes down to see just the values.

Even on a gray, misty, overcast day, there is some wonderful color in the dried out grasses along the back of the dune. And yes, it's one of my favorite painting spots, over at Waterford Beach Park, the little path before you walk out to the beach, back in the marshy area. I finished this painting before the mist turned to a light rain. It was a wonderful morning of 'information gathering' with some good ideas tucked away in my memory to use for a larger studio painting, that I'll be sharing in an upcoming blog post!

Contact me here, for more information about this painting!

White Rose Estate Winery #2

Second in a series of paintings to go the the winery in Oregon.
Original Palette knife.
6x6 on artisan panel

Sunrise plein air oil by BECKY JOY

SUNRISE 6x6 landscape oil on canvas board
Click here to bid. Starting bid $75.

I got up early this morning and saw the wonderful clouds that just had to be painted. I quickly grabbed the easel, paints and brushes and got to work on this plein air painting.  Of course, the light was changing quickly as the sun came up, but I was able to get the essence of the scene. When you stare at the light, you often see at dash of green. I put that small dot of green that my eyes saw.
I am getting back into the swing of painting small paintings that I will post on this blog. Each of the paintings will go up for bid on the dailypaintworks auction starting with a bid of $50. So, check it out.


“PRISTINE CALIFORNIA VISTA” is an original 16x12-inch oil painting, ready to frame.
Click here to bid:

CALIFORNIA ARTISTS: My new 5-week Plein Air Workshop begins October 8. We will paint on location at a variety of stunning locations around Orange County, California. We meet from 9am to noon on Saturday mornings. Email me for additional information.
Tom Brown

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Plein air workshop by BECKY JOY

Prescott House, Morning 9x12 oil $500. Click here to purchase.
This was the last day of a 3 day plein air workshop that I taught in Prescott, AZ. It was a small class of several people that I already knew. We had a lot of fun going to some new places and painting all kinds of things.
I stayed at my friend Marla Smith's ranch. The first day we went up the road to the McDonald's Farm. It was an old, old farm with lots of fun things to paint including old trucks. I started the workshop with a demo of the field and trees. Then in the afternoon I painted a small painting of an old truck.
The second day we went to Skull Valley and painted at another old farm. A very interesting place with the barn converted to a three story house and lots of antiques and a Windsor Rat Rod complete with the bullet holes. The fields were full of the big old cottonwoods lining the creek bank and the driveways. It was really beautiful there. Then we moved onto Granite Lake in the afternoon where the reflections were just wonderful in the afternoon light.
The third day was spent in Prescott painting old houses. It was a variety of subject matter for the students and an adventure of discovery of new places. A great 3 days. Lots of fun and learning.
I'll be posting more of the photos of the workshop coming up.

Distant Showers by Arlon Rosenoff

Distant Showers
8" x 10"
Palette Knife Oil on Panel, Framed

New York, New York by Deborah Harold

8x8 original Palette Knife work

Friday, September 23, 2011

Steep Road - Janet Bludau - Contemporary Palettte Knife Landscape

6" x 6"
Oil on Board

The Newport Beach Back Bay in California is full of wonderful painting opportunities.  This day I was plein aire painting (outside, on site).  It was a fairly windy day and I was struggling to keep my supplies from blowing away -  paper towels, my palette paper, my hat!

Thank you for visiting this blog and I hope you view my many other paintings on my
Email me with questions:


“MORNING LIGHT IN THE TREETOPS” is an original 12x8-inch Plein Air oil painting, created on location working directly from nature during a painting workshop I taught for other artists. Click here to bid:

My new 5-week Plein Air Workshop begins October 8. We will paint on location at a variety of stunning locations around Orange County, California. We meet from 9am to noon on Saturday mornings. Email me for additional information.
Tom Brown

Yosemite Foothills, Fall

Grandmother Oak, 16 x 20", oil on board
This palette knife painting was done entirely outdoors in the fall when the meadow grasses turn golden pale yellow and orange.  I was painting with a group of artists for "En Plein Sight" a benefit for Sierra Foothill Conservancy, an open space lands non-profit group in Mariposa.  It was fun and I was happy with this piece.  The painting is now being shown at a new gallery in Turlock, California, CARNEGIE ART CENTER in conjunction with a show called ANSEL ADAMS, CALIFORNIA.  
see their website:

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