Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I’ve been drawing and painting for my own amusement forever.

I can’t help it. It’s like thinking out loud.

As a little kid I’d get inspired by the Sunday comics. Then I would draw my own comics to make the characters do what I wanted. I still doodle while talking on the phone or killing time.

When I spot a scene like this I often grab my sketch book and knock out a quick study. It helps to lock in the moment. Sometimes I use the sketches for large paintings in the studio.

But the sketches themselves are full-blown paintings in their own right.

Later when they’re dry I mount them on card stock and trim them out. In the right frame they look great. They sparkle like little jewels. See how it looks in the frame shown here?

This is a local farm I often drive past, and today I took the time to sketch it.

I hope it brings you the pleasant feelings I had while painting it.

“THINKING OUT LOUD” is an original oil painting. It measures a mere 5”x3”. It is sold unframed and will be shipped in a plastic protective sleeve.

To bid on this painting, click here:

Thanks for stopping to look.
Tom Brown

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