Friday, May 20, 2011

Fall Aspen block in and finish by Becky Joy Fine Art

Fall Aspen 10x8 "the block in"

The finished "Fall Aspen" oil. It's still 10x8.

Its been a while since I painted some aspen trees. I always feel a little trepidation when tackling something that I don't feel real comfortable with. I get that lost feeling, like I'm unsure of myself.

I've painted a lot of all aspen, but as I said, it's been a while. Several years I was showing in a gallery in Aspen, CO (they are no longer in business). They asked me to paint about 12 paintings of fall aspen for a show in the fall, of course. I complied, which is normal with me. I hurried and painted 12 paintings of various sizes, the largest, I think was 36x48 and shipped them off in about a month's time. They had the show and sold a few, then that was the end of it. I think they were in the back room for the winter. I tried talking to them telling them that I could paint something besides fall aspen, but that was all they were interested in. After very little comunication and difficulty in dealing with the gallery, I pulled out of there and that was the end of my time in Aspen. I've since painted a few plein air fall aspen and a couple of studio ones. Maybe I'll do more now. I really enjoyed the color in this painting.

I put together a video yesterday of the sunset painting that I painted yesterday. Oh, I guess I didn't post it. I'll do that now along with the video.

16x20 sunset
youtube video click here.

I also have written a couple of articles on

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