Sunday, August 28, 2016

Original oil paintings Ocean Sailing and Joshua Tree Desert by Karen Tarlton

Joshua Tree Sunrise
We lived at Edwards AFB in the Mojave Desert 3 times in the last 20 years.
Quite the experience and one I'll never forget or regret!
This is my latest inspiration from my memories and life there.

High Seas Sailing
My latest ocean and Van Gogh inspired painting!

Sunny Trio Miniature Treasure, Sunflower Floral Painting by Marion Hedger

Sunny Trio Miniature Treasure
palette knife painting
oil on loose canvas
10x15cm (4"x5")

This miniature treasure is painted with a palette knife on canvas from a canvas pad by Belle Arti from Italy, who also make the canvas panels I use. It is a medium cotton canvas and primed. The surface is quite smooth but it accepts the palette knife quite nicely and I enjoy painting on this surface. I used a ground of yellow on the canvas which breaks through in place and adds light to the painting.

Wildlife Painting, Small Oil Painting, Daily Painting, "Gray Squirrel" by Carol Schiff, 6x8" Oil SOLD

Have you ever tried to photograph wildlife?  I have, and consider it an exercise in frustration.  Many blurred images later, my friend and photographer, Ted Fuhrer, offered me the use of his images.  Thanks so much, Ted.

This little guy looks very inquisitive and ready to bolt at the least movement.

  I enjoyed experimenting with painting his fur and directing the viewer's eye.  The animal is much the same color as the background in this scene.

 I put it in one of my black frames.  They seem to work perfectly for just about any painting.

Happy day to you!

"Wild Profusion" by Lynda Cookson

"Wild Profusion" grew on me gradually. I challenged myself to work with a different colour palette as well as a longer (less rectangular) canvas than I usually use ... and to begin with the changes were too much for me! We humans are not particular to change, are we! However, I lived with it for a while until I reached the point I was happy to put it out there.

This cheerful painting is now for sale, unframed as yet, but painted around the edges, from my website HERE or click the images or their titles to be taken through to the sales page.

My website for all art purchases can be found at :

March Thaw by Jane Boyd Impressionist Painter

The month of March is such a tease, especially in Northern Ontario....
Size: 6" x 8" oil on canvas panel

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Abstract Seascape | Daily Painting | "Tropical Blues" by Carol Schiff | 6x8" Oil SOLD

Living close to the sea, I find it turns up in my painting in both a representative and non-representative form.  I guess this little daily painting falls somewhere between the two.


 I painted this with a palette knife.  I like texture and feel it adds additional interest to my art.  I was thinking about the beautiful greens and blues of the tropical waters off the coast of Florida.  Further south they turn the most amazing shades of azure, but that will be another painting.


I almost always show my paintings in black frames.  It would be hard to find an artwork that would not work well with black and it just makes the colors pop.

Start planning that tropical vacation today!

Don't forget to pin it on your vacation board.

"Red Poppy" by Lynda Cookson

I'm on a roll with the Red Poppies! This one, oil on paper, is for sale HERE or click the images or their titles.

All my art for sale can be accessed from :

Friday, August 26, 2016

"Potted Mini Oranges" by Lynda Cookson

In a major effort to brighten up my studio and provide more still life subjects, I created an indoor flower garden in the large window of my studio. These mini potted oranges were one of the first finds to add their treasure to my garden.

"Potted Mini Oranges" is waiting to be framed so is not formally for sale yet ... but if you are interested, please email me HERE ( or click either of the images or their titles, and we can chat!

My website for all art purchases can be found at :

Impressionism Colorado Landscape Painting "Blue Mountains" by Colorado Impressionist Judith Babcock

 18"x36" Palette Knife Landscape Painting/Available

 Click HERE for more info.

  Judith Babcock Fine Art Gallery
  Boarding House studio Galleries
  220 East 7th Ave, Studio #2
  Denver, Co 80203
  By Appointment:

Small Seascape | Daily Painting | Small Oil Painting | Anatomy of a Wave by Carol Schiff | 6x8" Oil Original

This small seascape is a study of a cresting wave. Ask any surfer, it's all about the waves.  Waves appear to be all the same, but they are all unique.  I am finding that out, more and more as I paint one of my loves ......seascapes.

Purchase here
95 + shipping



Hope you enjoyed this little trip to the beach.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

"Poppy in Fields of Lavender" by Lynda Cookson

This is another of the Poppies inspired by my visit to the Lavender Farm in Hitchin, Hertfordshire in the UK. Poppies grow wild amongst the Lavender, and the Pop! of scarlet red amongst the purples is something to behold!

This Poppy is waiting to be framed so is not formally for sale yet ... but if you are interested, please email me HERE ( or click either of the images or their titles, and we can chat!

My website for all art purchases can be found at :

Fall Landscape, Daily Painting, Small Oil Painting, 6x8" Oil

This little painting is a result of my recent stay in the Smoky Mountains.

purchase here 
110 + shipping

I've had an exhausting two months.  We left for our 2nd home in North Carolina the end of August, and returned home to Florida Nov.1  I had 12 hours at home, before I left for 5 wonderful days in a workshop with the fabulous painter, Elio Camacho.  Pure Heaven!

Elio is a charming and knowledgeable instructor and gives all his students an incredible amount of information and attention.  I am looking forward to his next series of Florida workshops in the spring.

Thanks for viewing my blog today.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Impressionism Aspen Tree Colorado Landscape Painting "The Glory of Spring" by Colorado Impressionist Judith Babcock


 24"x36" Palette Knife Landscape Painting/Available

 Click HERE for more info.

  Judith Babcock Fine Art Gallery
  Boarding House studio Galleries
  220 East 7th Ave, Studio #2
  Denver, Co 80203
  By Appointment:

Healing Ceilings, a story of love by Carol Schiff

I recently came in contact with a wonderful woman in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Amy Jo was a fan of my facebook page and sent me a link to her wonderful page called Healing Ceilings.  Amy Jo's husband just came through his second brush with cancer.  She and her husband were spending lots of time in the Cancer Care Center of North Carolina, he, getting treatment and she, waiting and observing. Observing the same people day after day, as they came in for their chemo or radiation treatments.  She decided to do something to brighten their lives and encourage them in their fight.

BlueBird of Happiness by Kathy Garvey
Amy Jo believes in the healing power of art.  She decided to brighten the days of these patients by giving them something inspiring to look at while they receive their treatments.  Out came those old, white, boring ceiling tiles to be replaced with individual tiles turned into creative art.  How she did this, I do not know, but she has single handedly installed hundreds of tiles in cancer care centers in the Raleigh area.

Peaceful Beach by Denette Schweikert

She contacted artists through Facebook and asked them to donate their work on ceiling tiles that she somehow supplies.  Nothing stops her.  When I saw her posts and decided to donate, she arranged for me to go to my local Lowes (in Florida) where I picked up a box of the proper tiles at no cost to me.  Naturally, I involved my painting group, Pieces of 8 and gathered additional volunteers from them. One of the group, Cindy Michaud, who summers out of town, was following the journey on Facebook. Being a person who does not let grass grow under her feet, she contacted Amy Jo and so far, has painted 6 tiles for the project.

Road to Sunshine by Cindy Michaud (2 tiles)

Garden of Inspiration by Cindy Michaud (4 tiles)
Everyone wanted to do peaceful scenes filled with inspiration.

Sailing the Bay by Mary Warnick

Ocean Sunrise by Carmen Beecher

I decided to do 3 typical scenes of North Carolina:

Abstracted Sea by Carol Schiff

Carolina Marsh by Carol Schiff

Mountain Mist by Carol Schiff

Did I tell you each tile is 24x24"?

Now that the tiles are complete, Amy Jo has done a "shout out" on Facebook to bring them home to Raleigh.  In her words, "The Love Train is leaving the station".  She will find volunteers who will transfer the tiles from place to place until eventually, they will be delivered to her hands for installation.

A story of love and compassion and determination.  The next time you think "What difference can I make"?

Think of Amy Jo.

Sweet Spring, by NY artist, Celeste Plowden

12x12 acrylic on canvas, available for sale at

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Original oil paintings by Karen Tarlton Angel Hugs and Dolphin Mama and Baby

Busy summer for us all I'm sure. 
Seems like the world is going by so fast doesn't it?
My latest paintings and I hope you feel the love :)

Sale Painting, Flower Painting, Daily Painting, Small Oil Painting, "Tall Stems", 6x18x1.5" Original

Time for another  painting on sale.  This painting is one that always makes it smile.

purchase here
159 + shipping

It is such a fun piece with a quirky composition along with tulips and a sunflower to brighten your day.  Some of my favorite flowers and favorite colors.

It is on gallery wrap canvas, with painted sides, giving the option to hang or without a frame.

Original price $180.

Have a happy day!

Yellow tulips, by NY artist, Celeste Plowden

11x14 acrylic on canvas, available for sale at

Queen Anne's Lace by Ann McCann 12 X 16 Oil

(c)Ann McCann 2016, Queen Anne's Lace, Oil on Linen Panel, 12 X 16 

I was sitting in a grassy field above the harbor in Orleans, MA (Cape Cod) and saw this view. It's the view of the flowers and I liked it better than my view.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Daily Painting, Small Oil Painting, Autumn Landscape, Daily Art, "Tree on Fire", 8x10x1.5" Oil

This time of the year, the mountains are where I want to be.  This year, I have been very lucky to spend two months here.

Purchase here
165 + shipping
 I was inspired to paint this one from the ever evolving show I see each day.  It brings back childhood memories of northern Ohio and Michigan.....minus the mountains, of course.

 What more could I ask for?  It gets better and better each day.  Of course, in the mountains it seems the color is climbing to the sky.

One evening we spied a herd of Elk in the meadow.  You can hear them bellowing in the woods this time of year.They come down to the meadows to feed at dusk and dawn..  This herd was one make and about 30 females.

As much as I love it here I will be ready to head south to Florida in the next few days.  When the trees are stripped bare, and the cold winds are blowing, I will be enjoying the beautiful beaches. Life is good!

Thanks for visiting my blog today.

Original Palette Knife Abstract Horse Painting "Neigh Neigh Territory" by Colorado Impressionist Judith Babcock


 Original Palette Knife Horse landscape Painting

 Click HERE for purchase info.

   Judith Babcock Fine Art Gallery
   Boarding House studio Galleries
   220 East 7th Ave, Studio #2
   Denver, Co 80203
   By Appointment:

Rose Bouquet #1, by NY artist, Celeste Plowden

8x10 acrylic on canvas, for sale at 

White Hibiscus by Southern California Palette Knife Artist Garry Abel

9" x 12"

Oil on Canvas

To purchase, contact artist at

or at

New Day at Little Corona by California Palette Knife Artist Garry Abel

8" x 10"

Oil on Canvas

To purchase, contact artist at


Las Brisas Afternoon by California Palette Knife Artist Garry Abel

16" x 20"
Oil on Canvas

To purchase, contact artist at 

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