Monday, January 9, 2017

Hookers and Boats by Lynda Cookson

From my years living in the West of Ireland, it was always so special to spot a Galway Hooker plying the waves, often between the Aran Islands off Galway and into Galway Bay. I believe there is still at least one enthusiast still making and restoring Hookers.

Years ago, in the area we lived in (Connemara) the Hookers would be used to ferry turf (peat) and supplies from the mainland to islands like the three Aran Islands. I watched a video once of an old movie made whilst towing a horse across the bay between the islands and Galway. I didn't much like that, feeling awful for the poor horse, but those days were much harder than now, in that respect, so perhaps I shouldn't judge!

I've popped in a couple of watercolours of boats amongst the Hooker paintings below.


Happy New Year everyone!

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