Friday, October 7, 2016

Hidden Passageway by Marion Hedger

Hidden Passageway
30x40cm (12x16") Oil on stretched canvas

We have lots of beautiful old villages around us, and apart from a few small paintings see this post here I have not painted any of them. I have hundreds of photos but there is something about painting buildings, however picturesque that I find daunting.

I decided it is about time I changed that and challenged myself to paint some larger pieces. OK this one is not a large one but a step along the way.

About this painting
This is an alleyway in St Paul de Vence my local village. It leads up to a hotel at the top and they always line the ally with flower pots. You often see tourists arriving, and after driving through the narrow village streets they then have to take their cases up this passage and negotiate the steps.

This painting is not as textured as usual, I have reserved the texture for the highlighted area. I scraped the foreground walls several times to give the impression of the weathered wall texture. Tell me if it worked.


Some closeups

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