Monday, March 14, 2016

Impressioinist Landscape Painting, Tarn Gorges by Marion Hedger

Tarn Gorges by Marion Hedger
palette knife painting, Oil on panel
Painting Size = 34x27cm approx 11x14". Mounted on a white board so it can be framed in a standard frame.
Overall size = 30x40cm (approx 12x16"
These beautiful chasms run down each side of the Tarn River, a favourite tourist attractions in Southern France. Imagine yourself canoeing down the river encased in the sheer cliffs.

Painted with a palette knife you won't be able to resist touching the surface texture (as shown in the close-up photos).

You can hang it in a traditional frame or lean it against the wall on a shelf. The backing boards forms a natural border around the painting.


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