Thursday, April 28, 2011

"Children on the Beach" after Edward Henry Potthast

"Children on the Beach"after Edward Henry Potthast
(4x4") - 201121
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Allrighty - I had a very nice conversation with a highly respected, modern day painter the other day. Amongst other things, we talked about doing paintings 'after' another artist - one who made their significant mark and is long since passed. I had decided in my last post that I wouldn't be including a signature on the front of these paintings, for the obvious reason that they are studies based on another's work. I am now undecided again (did I ever mention I'm a Libra; the scales; every thought must be properly balanced against all others...) and would LOVE more input since this modern day painter believes that my work is interpretive enough to feel comfortable putting a signature on it. (I'd mention you but don't want to put you under any undue speculation!) I'm not convinced yet, but am open to more opinions. This painting has reinforced for me the importance of value relationships and just how much more solid a piece can become with just a tiny little tweak. Geez - you'd think I would have learned this stuff 25 years ago when I was in undergrad studio art class. Maybe I did and I forgot it.
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  1. Sally...these are beautiful...I paint too...and am hard to impress (if always encouraging) ...and I'm impressed...there are few paintings that I see that I want to bring home...but your pallette knife paintings are gorgeous. I will try to find my way around this site a bit when I get a minute... Your desire to be honest with giving credit where due...would extend I believe only to actually doing copies of another artists work...if your style is similar...then that is another thing I would say...anyone can have a style...and certainly we all do...and we overlap with other artists. If I copy another is a copy and I say so. If I paint in a similar style...then it is my own work I'd say.


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