Thursday, October 31, 2013

Oh, Happy Day! by Pamela Blaies

Copper Teapot and Lemons
oil on linen
11" x 14"

Getting home from Georgetown Art in the Square Monday afternoon, I looked at my truck - packed to the brim with festival stuff and waiting to be unloaded. Then I walked into my studio, which looked like a tornado hit it and my kitty had coughed up a hairball in the middle of the carpet. I felt exhausted, so I decided "I'll think about that tomorrow." (I had to work that last quote in - I just finished reading "Gone with the Wind" last night.) Well, anyway, I haven't been able to do any painting all week, but my studio is now reorganized and looking fantastic. I also received a call from my gallery, Stinger Studio in Georgetown, with good news of several sales. Best of all, a new shipment of canvases just arrived! Painting day - Oh, happy day!

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