Monday, December 7, 2015

Just Sold - "Textures of Time" Palette Knife Oil Painting by Niki Gulley

“Textures of Time” ©2013 Niki Gulley
SOLD • 18" x 24” textured oil painting

In my next painting from this barn series, I wanted to show the personality and individuality of this red barn, since it was built by hand from nearby trees on the property by the owner's family. I almost feel like it has a playful twinkle in its windows, inviting us to come closer and check out it's hand-carved timbers and discover what stories it holds. Juxtaposed behind this sturdy oak, two enduring souls, are loaded with character, texture and rustic beauty, monuments to a simpler disappearing way of life.

For more information on my textured palette knife oil paintings, please e-mail me at Niki Gulley.

Or, please visit my website at to see more of my contemporary landscape paintings.

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