Monday, November 28, 2016

"Freesias in Lilac" by Lynda Cookson

"Freesias in Lilac" has very special meaning for me. Reaching a bit of a low at one stage, my husband came home from a shopping trip one day and presented me with a stunning bouquet of Freesias. His pick-me-up worked wonders and this painting seemed to just create itself on the canvas,

The Fillingdon Fine Art Gallery in Piddington, Buckinghamshire, UK is presently showing this painting at their Christmas exhibition. If you're in the area in the next two weeks please make sure to enjoy a visit .... there is some stunning art work there! If you're nearby at any other stage (when their thrice yearly exhibitions don't happen to be on) simply make an appointment for very special treatment as Debs Digby shows you around the gallery. You can find them here:

"Freesias in Lilac" unframed, framed and in detail ..... by clicking any of the images below you will be taken through to the Fillingdon Fine Art Gallery website.
"Freesias in Lilac" by Lynda Cookson, Unframed
"Freesias in Lilac" by Lynda Cookson, Framed


Detail images of "Freesias in Lilac"
"Freesias in Lilac" by Lynda Cookson

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