Sunday, January 24, 2016

"Two Peppers" by Lynda Cookson

A daily painting. "Two Peppers"

Nothing, flower or vegetable, goes through my household without being photographed for later painting reference, or set up as a still life for painting there and then. Peppers, oranges, lemons, butternut, pumpkins, aubergine, daisies, hyrdrangeas, roses, wild flowers from the garden ..... you name it, I have photographed it or painted it!

When we're doing our regular shopping, my husband often looks at what I'm buying, and with big kitty eyes or suspicious slit eyes aimed at me, asks "For painting or for eating?" or "Do we get to eat this while it's still fresh and unpainted?" He's well used to it though and I hear him telling tales on me about it to friends every now and then. LOL

This little painting is for sale. Just click on the image or the title below it or HERE.

And if it's temporarily Unlisted when you click through, please just email me HERE.

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