Friday, June 3, 2016

Wonderful Lavender Provence by Marion Hedger

Wonderful Lavender Provence
50x40cm oil on stretched canvas
Palette knife painting

Day 3's task is "to share something new, unique or different about your work. What way can you show off your work that you haven’t done before? Take a look at some of the examples from yesterday’s challenge."

I have often wondered where artists get the images for their room settings to display their art. I vaguely remember Sea Dean writing something about it on her blog Sea Dean - Paint a Masterpiece Blog 

So I trawled her blog and discovered this post. A great app and one I shall be using again. I agree with her assessment of the app so I will let you read her post to save repeating it. The biggest drawback with the app is the inability to size your app to the correct proportion, it's all a little bit of guesswork.


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