Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Modern Impressionist painting, Last Sunlight, by Marion Hedger

"Last Sunlight, knife painting"
by Marion Hedger
Oil on artist quality on stretched canvas, painted with a palette knife
Size = 30x40cm (approx 12"x16")

An modern impressionist Provencal landscape painting featuring the remains of a Roman Fort near Le Rouret in the Alpes Maritime. Amazingly after all these years some of the battlements are still standing and can be reached after an arduous (for me) walk up the mountain. The tree stands guard over the remains and catches the light in what is now a shady spot.

Painted with a palette knife, the knife strokes are thick and juicy giving this painting a lot of texture as can be shown in the close-up photos. The use of the palette knife means the colour stays fresh and vibrant giving a vibrant painting.


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