Thursday, April 7, 2016

A Shoulder to Lean On by Judy Mackey

14" 11x  1.5", Oil on Stretched Canvas

It doesn't matter what the couple is looking at, I wanted to capture the moment I would be putting my head on someone's shoulder  This painting is a little abstract and simple.  I put a touch of yellow in the center/off center - could that be the rising sun, the setting sun or could that just be an allegory for something.

I posted this painting on Facebook and it was fun to read what some thought the two were looking at. 

This painting, for me, came about when I had exchanged some messages with a friend about some of the speed bumps we'd been tripping over.  And we told each other that we had a shoulder for each other to use whenever.

Fortunately for me, this painting sold almost immediately after I posted it on one of my online galleries.

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