Sunday, August 26, 2012

Contemporary Landscape by Kay Wyne

Contemporary Landscape Painting
To be named.....
Oil on Heavy Duty Gallery Wrap Canvas
36" x 36"
This painting has taken weeks to complete. It started out as a landscape with intentions of a mountain range and aspen trees. I stopped at one point and decided I wanted a field of wildflowers. Then after painting all of the wildflowers with thick impasto and the palette knife, I scrapped it all off. I really went through the paint, but the end result is something different than I normally paint---with the texture of the canvas coming through and blended colors. and very few hard edges. It is currently drying at the studio. Thanks for viewing my art. KMW at or 214-532-0325.


  1. Oh I really love this! We have a home in the mountain and if you sit in a certain spot all you see is beautiful tall grass with wild flowers and sky! I should really try and paint with a pallet knives!

  2. Thanks!!!! Maybe you can help name this painting!!!!! KMW


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