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"The Palette Knife Painters blog is an active, attractive blog that helps me bring my paintings to more people. Lynda promotes the blog in many places, and in many ways, on Facebook and elsewhere, with an energy and dedication I couldn't begin to match on my own. I've been on the blog since it started, and am pleased to continue to be a part of it."

Carrie Jacobson

"Thank you so much for allowing me to post my work on Palette Knife Painters blog and facebook page. I so enjoy seeing the work of other "knife" artists, from around the world.
I especially like the fact that ALL my paintings don't have to be knife paintings, as so many of us work back and forth between knife and brush. 
I have noticed an increase in traffic on my own Facebook page, and, I do believe that the extra exposure I get on Pallete Knife Painters (PKP) may be responsible."
Carol Schiff 

"Palette Knife Painters Blog is a wonderful way of showing my palette knife acrylic paintings to people around the world who enjoy textured paintings. It is also a great way of promoting my own sales by using the link attached to my art shops online."
Celeste Plowden

"As admin of this group I am fully aware of the high readership and wide exposure we get directly from our blog, from the website still run by Judy Mackey, from Twitter, and from the approximately 30 Facebook pages we promote on during each month. The weekly Slideshow of Images and YouTube Video of that slideshow are tremendous tools of promotion. My personal art blog readership has increased substantially since I have been a member of The Palette Knife Painters and subsequently so have my sales!"
Lynda Cookson

"Dear Lynda, when we say, that we’re self taught, what do we mean by that? I’ve been painting with palette knife I think as long as I joined Artfinder which happened in April 2014

though my father and few Russians artists I knew used palette knife all the time long before I began my artistic life, but I observed them painting impasto style paintings. For many years, I used different techniques, and I began paint with palette knife only after I subscribed to daily emails from Palette Knife Painters. I subscribed to Palette Knife Painters blog and to YouTube videos 06/29/11 and from that time, I fell in love not just with knife technique by itself, but with the whole atmosphere it’s history and artists. Every morning I find email in my box to be inspired, uplifted and encourage. And, you’ll never believe, I keep them all in a special folder 😉 I loved that "Blue Mountains" by Lynda Cookson this morning so much, I know, when I’ll be back in my studio I’ll look at that again to be inspired. Dear Lynda, sorry it took too long for me to tell how I feel. You’re doing amazing job, I believe there are many other artists like myself and many people who collect art treasure every message, every video and every post in social media they receive from you!!
~ Sincerely Lena"
Olena Owens

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