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Various interactions we have with folk, as well as the lovely comments we receive on our individual painting posts:

James Clancy
Beautiful work.

Karin N (Kat)
10.3.2016   8:46 PM

"Hello Lynda, are some of these paintings from your February posts on Google + for sale? If so where? Thank you, so much."
"Hi Karin. Yes, unless they are specifically marked Sold, I'm pretty sure they're still for sale. You can either contact the artist directly ... if, on our blog, you go to the Meet and Contact our Artists page, you'll find they're all there in alphabetical order with their email and website links. If you battle to get hold of them, let me know which paintings have caught your eye and I will get in touch with the artists for you, or give you their email address. Many of them can be found on Facebook as well. All the best! Lynda"
Karin N (Kat)
10.3.2016  8:47 PM

Karin, this is Judy Mackey's painting of heart flowers

February 2016 Comments on our Artists' work:
on 2/27/16
in response to GREAT work!, by Sue Marrazzo.
on 2/26/16
GREAT work! on "Evie" by Lynda Cooksonsafe: "2 replies."
on 2/24/16
on 2/16/16
on 2/14/16
on 2/12/16
on 2/12/16
What a cool work! on DUNES XLIV by Kim McAninch
on 2/12/16
on 2/12/16
on 2/9/16
on 2/8/16
on 2/8/16
This comment has been removed by the author. on Farm on the Ridge
on 2/7/16
Love the peaceful feeling about it........ on Farm on the Ridge
on 2/7/16
on 2/3/16
on 2/3/16
on 2/2/16
on 2/2/16

Karin N (Kat)
10.3.2016   8:53 PM

 I love your pastel watercolors, particularly those with flowers. I also realized I have a few of these. You are brilliantly talented, Lynda. 
Lynda Cookson
10:03 AM

 Wow! Thank you ... what a nice message for me to wake up to LOL

Sharon Meade
9.3.2016 11:45 PM

"Like them all, the boat one is a real stand out"
"Thanks Sharon ... that's Kim McAninch, and yes, her work is good on so many levels. Lynda"

Karin N (Kat)

In response to pieces put up by Chrys Wilson:
"Oh Lynda, I love your new pieces!"

A Google comment sent through to admin:
Sharon Meade
"Beautiful Collection."
Jan 26, 2016
"Very nice, thank-u,,,"
Feb 17, 2016  

10.2.2016 YouTube  New comment on your video
Palette Knife Painters images 1 to 7 February 2016
I LOVE this collection of pallet knife paintings! Amazing skill! So happy my favorite artist, Judy Mackey, has work included!      Kathy Henneberg 

A final comment from Chelsea who is looking for Goldie Kaminsky (see Lost and Found page): 
"Thank you for your help. Please let me know if any news comes about. I will also be sure to check in regularly. I am actually apart of several art groups that I’d be happy to share your blog with. I will leave your URL and blog name with them so that anyone in the group can view at their leisure.
I hope you have a great weekend!


Fri, Jan 29, 2016 at 11:31 PM"

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